Problem Solving Skills


…not solving problem thoroughtly and let it reoccur would lead to the worst.

  1. Do you realize “problem” in your work? The biggest problem would be you don’t know what the “problem” is
  2. →We enhance your staffs’ awareness of “problem” and help them obtain kaizen (continuous improvement) mindset.
  3. Are you finding causes for “problem” by “intuition” and “experience”?   
  4. →We provide participants with effective tools to analyze and find root cause. 
  1. Do departments spend a lot of time on arguing the solutions, but finally you can’t agree on the most efficient one?
  2. →We guide participants methods to evaluate and select solutions based on appropriate and comprehensive criteria.
  3. Do problems reoccur after you have solved it?
  4. → We instruct participants to solve problems with a logical process, so that the same problems don’t arise again.


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  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days 
At client's company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study, role play and group discussion etc.


  • Enhance awareness of problem and kaizen (continuous improvement) mindset.
  • Understand logical thinking process, and acquire necessary tools to solve problem.
  • Clarify root cause by logical analysis and find solution to prevent problem reoccurring.


  • Staff, Leaders, Managers or candidates for the above position


Part 1: What is problem? Part 2:Process of problem solving
Step 1: Identify the problem ~ PQCDSMEL
Step 2: Breakdown the problem ~ Pareto, 4W
Step 3: Set a target ~ SMART
Step 4: Analyze the root causes ~ 5Why, Fish-bone diagram, Why Tree – MECE, 3Gem, etc.
Step 5: Develop countermeasure ~ How Tree
Step 6: Implement countermeasures ~ Gantt chart, 5W1H
Step 7: Evaluate results and process
Step 8: Standardize Part 3::Summarizing and setting action plan in the next month  



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