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Cost Efficiency Management

Has your factory’s management successfully achieved the competitiveness in manufacturing cost?

Has your factory implemented cost improvement program to maximize productivity and profit?

  • How to improve cost competitiveness to maximize your profit?
  • How to identify and reduce Muda, Mura, Muri whose factors  shall effect your cost improvement activities?
  • How to prevent unnecessary or unplanned arising costs?
  • How to manage your cost improvement objectives?
  • How to increase cost awareness among your employees?

AIMNEXT VIETNAM collaborating with Federation for Economic and Human Resource Cooperation in Asia (FEHCA) and Japanese experts with great management experience holds a factory management training program. This training course focuses on cost-competitiveness improvement and profit maximization – survival factor for business. Besides, this course also provides essential methods to solve problematic issues in the production process.

Cost Efficiency Management

★ At client’s company as required (2 days) ★

TARGET Factory managers, leaders, supervisor and staffs that are in charge of managing and controlling cost
TRAINING METHODS Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.
  • Understand the basic knowledge of cost and its relation to profit.
  • Understand cost improvement methods in order to apply to practice.
  • Develop skills and practical ability of applying cost improvement methods through exercises
Language Japanese (Interpreting support)

Part 1:  Basic understanding of cost

The definition of cost and the relation between cost and profit ~

  1. The definition of cost
  2. Cost’s structure

Part 2: Enhance the capability of improving cost efficiency!

Understand the principles of cost improvement and its applications to production site ~

  1. Understanding of the principles of cost improvement        
  2. Labor cost reduction               ― Improve productivity (developing capabilities and performance)
  3. Material cost reduction           ― Reduce inputs’ cost (Value engineering (VE)/
                                                             Value Analysis (VA) technique for cost reduction)
  4. Other expense reduction       ― Visualize potential expenses for reduction and apply it to  
                                                             production site for controlling
  5. Other costs                               ― What is cost of defective products? Inventory cost reduction

Part 3: Implementation of cost improvement program

Adopt PDCA cycle to cost improvement activities ~

  1. Identify the purposes of cost improvement
  2. Determine the steps to implement cost improvement activities
  1. Indentify the costs needed for improvement
  2. Analyze costs’ data and propose improvement strategies
  3. Set target and make plan
  4. Assign tasks and identify improvement method for each task

Part 4: Action Plan

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