Our approach

Knowing the level of the employees is the key to the effective personnel development. Knowing the employees’ level, you can give them a suitable training program. Otherwise, the training becomes inefficient and ineffective if we provide the training inappropriate with employee’s current level or unnecessary for their work. Finding countermeasure should begin with analyzing the cause.

For example: before making prescription, doctors have to know what the disease is by asking what the symptoms are, doing examination such as blood test, CT, MRI, etc.

Doing the same process, to help you develop your employees, AIMNEXT VIETNAM analyze and clarify ‘what are problems’ through assessing their ability first. Then we propose you an appropriate training plan and programs.

Are you facing the below issues? We will help you get the best start for an effective training program

You don’t know where to start. (which position should undertake what training?)

Before conducting the training, you want to know the current level of your employee.

You think you know the employees' level, but you would like to reconfirm.

Assessment Method

We conduct the capacity assessment with 2 methods:

After listing the skills that Company wants to assess, we will design five questions for each skill. The employee and their supervisor shall evaluate the current level of the employee and the importance of each skills by the rating scale 1 - 5.

Based on the evaluation results of the questionnaire, we will have a one-on-one interview with the employee. And we will evaluate the employee’s attitudes and abilities which might not be showed all through questionnaire alone.


01    We can point out the "strength" and “weakness" of employees.
02     Apply the assessment result to build up an effective training program.
03    Set up evaluation criteria for performance appraisal and relocation.


Actual case and Sample