Gemba Kaizen

Be ready for the factory improvement process!

Does Kaizen (continuous improvement) activities at the factory meet your expectations?

  1. “You want to implement Kaizen at the workplace, but do not know where to begin, what to improve and how to do it.”
  2. “The factory is now implementing Kaizen tools and techniques, yet the efficiency does not come up to your expectation."
  3. “The improvement process is usually attractive at first sight, then present so fleetingly as barely to exist.”

This is a hard-to-solve problem that most of Japanese factories operating in Vietnam as well as those domestic are now facing. From the experience of contacting and interviewing some factory managers, the fact-finding survey and some executed training courses, we believes that the two below factors are the main reasons: 

  • Factory leaders, in fact, do not fully understand the process of “Factory Kaizen”. 
  • The foundation knowledge is not efficiently implanted. 
Ex: In factory, 5S (Sorting–Straightening–Shining–Standardizing–Self-discipline) is the most fundamental knowledge. However, factory leaders seem to understand it literally instead of the real meanings and ways to conduct it.

The training course “Gemba-Kaizen” will equip factory leaders with fundamental understanding regarding the real application of kaizen activities to the workplace.


  • Duration:
  • Language:
  • Training venue:
  • Training method:
2 days
At client’s company as required
Active learning through excercises, case study and group discussion etc.


  • Enhance the understanding of Kaizen's basis concepts and the meaning of Kaizen activities in company, increasing awareness of waste (Muda) at factory
  • Provide basis tools for carrying out Kaizen activities at shop-floor.
  • Support Kaizen leaders in promoting Kaizen activities and increasing staff's motivation towards Kaizen activities.


  • Factory Leaders, Supervisors and Manager


Part 1: Introduction to Kaizen's concept Part 2: Basic Kaizen tools
Part 3: Kaizen proposal system and managing/motivating staff in Kaizen activities
Part 4: Action Plan


Until April 2017
184Participants have joined this course.
9Companies have used our service for this course.
97%Participants evaluate the course is "Useful"  (In which, "Very useful" is 68%).
98%Participants evaluate the consultant is "Good" (In which, "Very good" is 53%).

Participants' feedback

"The knowledge can be applied to gemba kaizen and improve the current situation. "

(A participant from In-house course, 2017)

"I've learned the principles of Kaizen, especially I understand clearer about Therblig method and line balance."

(A participant from In-house course, 2017)


"Gemba-kaizen" pamphlet 

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