List of training courses

We propose and develop the most appropriate training courses for each level and position of target participants.
In addition to the below standard training courses, we do also develop and offer the customized training
based on client’s specific needs and request.

Main Features

01 Special programs designed for Japanese enterprises to meet the need for increasing the quality of Vietnamese human resources.

Based on a survey of hundreds of Japanese enterprises in Vietnam, we offer special training programs which were designed with the profound understanding of the Japanese management and know-how. In addition to Vietnamese language, training documents are also presented in Japanese or English to help Japanese superiors follow the training content and participant's progress.

02 Vietnamese trainers with high expertise, profound teaching skills and practical working experience in Japanese and foreign enterprises.

Our trainers with profound working and management experience clearly understand the differences in thinking and working between Japanese and Vietnamese. Therefore, we can help Vietnamese employee acquire practical knowledge accurately and efficiently without misunderstanding or lack of understanding due to language difference.

Regarding to the evaluation on trainers, over half of participants answered "Very good" in the questionnaire.
* Number of evaluators (for In-house course): 5,070 (Till April, 2017)


03 Interactive teaching, learning environment and practical training using Action Plan.

We do not only provide standard knowledge by one-way teaching but help participants broaden and deepen their understanding and skills through case study, group discussion or presentation, etc. In addition, we have participants make "Action plan" and carry out that plan for one month after training, which makes participants easily apply their knowledge and skill into practice.

Regarding to the evaluation on our training, over 70% of participants answered "Very useful" in the questionnaire.
*Number of evaluators (for In-house course): 5,084 (Till April, 2017)